Four CODEPINKS from Florida attended the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Aug 25-28, 2008 including Hillary [Not Clinton] from West Palm, Lydia from Tallahassee, and Leslie from Orlando with Deidra going on to the RNC as well.

There was so much going on that some of us barely crossed paths with others.

CODEPINK Peace Platform to the DNC!

Now that the razzle dazzle of the DNC and RNC conventions are over and the Democratic and Republican National Committees have released their platforms, we realized they were missing some core points that address the true crises of our nation. Deeply concerned that both parties have led us down the path of militarism and neglected our basic needs, impoverishing our communities and endangering our security. we are sure that you also want our next administration to reverse our current military quagmires in the name of the war on terrorism; liberate us from the oil companies' polluting agenda and begin a serious offensive for conservation, efficiency and renewable energy; promote good jobs at living wages instead of pursuing cheap labor abroad; and transfer war funds to health care, clean energy and anti-poverty efforts at home and abroad.

Platform for Peace and Security

Toward this end, CODEPINK has written it's own Platform for Peace and Security (, which captures, in clear, thorough language, our own desires for the future of our country. If you agree with this platform, please send it to DNC Chairperson Howard Dean (http://salsa/. democracyinactio jsp?campaign_ KEY=25342) and RNC Chairperson Mike Duncan (http://salsa/. democracyinactio jsp?campaign_ KEY=25343), to show them that they need to listen to the voice of the people. Thank you so much!

A last look at our Beautiful Convergence Space, The Mercury Cafe!

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