PINK Smear Ads BACKFIRE on Ric Keller!

Congressman Ric Keller (R), Orlando has recently taken to smearing CODEPINK via an attack ad on Alan Grayson who is running against him. The above mailer has been sent out by Ric Keller across Central Florida using photos from the CODEPINK Orlando blog (without our permission) including a photo of a child. How low can you go Ric? Pretty Low!...

Congressman Ric Keller is also running a TV and Radio Ad just in time for Halloween featuring those scary Codepink Peace People! But the WESH 2 Truth Test Put that Political Ad To the Test and flunked Keller on the truth meter. Though Greg Fox received our response about our members calling Marines, "war criminals" and how our government has forced our children into situations that have done exactly that including Fallujah and Guantanamo, he neglected to report on that fact.

Regretfully for Keller, it has backfired and memberships and requests for more information about CODEPINK Orlando's peace work have soared and have infuriated other local organizations so much that they are calling and asking how they can support our cause. So thank you Ric, for spending all that money on this glossy two sided pink brochure. We couldn't have paid to get this much great advertising for CODEPINK Orlando!

From Deidra:

These are my feelings and do not necessarily reflect those of CODEPINK or CODEPINK Orlando. "I was laughing at all this earlier in the week, thinking, we must be doing something right to garner this much attention from a Congressman. We've stood in front of his office and inside on numerous occasions to voice our concerns for his votes on sending and keeping us at war in Iraq, habeus corpus, torture and more. I even had to just chuckle when I heard the ridiculous ad on the radio just as I was trying to go to sleep one night.

Then I saw the two sided, glossy pink campaign mailer that Congressman Keller sent out this week trying to make Alan Grayson look bad because Alan attended our SWEEP the HOUSE rally in front of Keller's office. Alan also attended a book tour presentation by Col Ann Wright sponsored by CODEPINK Orlando and the First Unitarian Church of Orlando this past year.

Congressman Keller not only stole a photo from the CODEPINK Orlando blog of Alan and I, cropping it for the TV but he also stole a group photo of Col Ann Wright, Alan, and here's the lowest of lows, a little girl! He is sending these out to thousands upon thousands of households in Central Florida and he has the nerve to put a minor child's picture on there! Way LOW Ric! Way LOW!

Ric Keller does NOT care about children!
Some TRICK! Wait till he sees my TREAT...