Action ALERT! 4pm Friday Nelson's office in Orlando!

Six years after the first prisoners arrived at the infamous prison—their orange jumpsuits now synonymous with unconscionable acts of torture—veterans, lawyers, activists, and family members of detainees are calling for the closure of Guantanamo. Join us Friday, Jan 11th for International Day to Shut Down Guantanamo. We will meet Friday at 4pm in front of Senator Nelson's office on Robinson St. We will then walk to Martinez office (1 block) and on to Keller's office (1 more block).

When: Friday 1/11/08 4:00 pm

Where: Landmark Two, 225 East Robinson Street, Ste 410 Meet in front

Why: "All prisoners deserve humane treatment and fair trials, which is not happening in Guantánamo," says retired US Army Colonel Ann Wright. "US federal courts, not military commissions, should hear the cases against those charged with terrorist acts and the infamous prison in Guantanamo should be immediately shut down."

The group will present a letter to Senator Nelson, then walk down to do the same at Senator Martinez' office and Representative Ric Keller's office. They will then walk back to Orange Ave between Central and Washington street and handout flyers, do outreach, etc. for an hour.

PLEASE WEAR ORANGE!!! Or orange and pink! If you don't have anything orange, the folks in Tampa have sent over their orange jumpsuits and t-shirts from yesterday's event for us to use this Friday as well as extra signs. Bring a friend!

To see what's going on in Miami today and this week, check out the Florida blog:

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